Help Us get New Homes Bonus Funding

For Our Community & Sign Our Petition !!

Sign our petition now on and we could be in with a chance of getting some much needed funding for our villages in the Bromsgrove District!

If you value your village and feel the community is important to you please take the time to go online and vote today!

Every time a new home is registered for council tax with Bromsgrove Council, Bromsgrove Council will receive the council tax equivalent from the Dept. of Local Communities for the next 6 years!

The Government's Housing Minister at the time Grant Shapps MP, when launching the scheme in 2011, publicly stated that communities should be consulted and monies should be spent where housing is being built.

But Bromsgrove Council have refused to consult with affected communities and are putting all the New Homes Bonus monies into the central district fund with very little accountability as to where it is being spent.

Sizeable amounts WILL make a Diiference

For the 88 homes at Barnt Green this New Homes Bonus Money amounts to approximately:

  • 35 affordable homes = £350 per home for 6 years = £ 73,500
  • 53 private homes = £2,000 per home for 6 years = £ 636,000
  • Total £ 709,500 over 6 years

BDC get 80% (WCC 20%) which equates to about £567,600 for BDC.

Other villages will benefit on a pro-rata basis, dependent on how many new homes are being built.

Enhance YOUR Community

Let's show Bromsgrove Council that there is a need for this funding to be passed on, and that as a community we would like to have a say as to where it is spent.

As an example of what can happen, Wychavon District Council have consulted communities and given up to 40% of these monies to local parish councils, community groups, sports clubs etc.

If we adopted a similar scheme we could get money that could support such groups and projects as Community Associations, Scouts and Guide Groups, Football Clubs, Cricket Clubs, Tennis Clubs, Community Helpline Organisations, Toddler Groups, Youth funding, play/park equipment and a host of other community groups.

On-line Campaign

In order to highlight this issue, we are launching a district-wide campaign. Ultimately our intention is to pressure Bromsgrove District Council to pass on these public funds to affected areas like Hagley, Catshill, Barnt Green, Wythall, Norton Farm etc for their community benefit.

If the e-petition reaches 1250 signatures or more the council will have to hold an open public debate at a Full Council meeting.

If you are a concerned member of the public, or have links to any community groups, in any part of Bromsgrove District and you want to see money re-invested into your community in your local area, please sign the e-petition at: e-petitions entitled "Request for re-allocation of the New Homes Bonus Money to communities directly affected by new housing development".

You may sign if you are over 18 and live, work or use any community facilities within Bromsgrove District.

Request your local Councillor Supports the Campaign

Contact your local Bromsgrove District Councillor urging them to vote to ensure local communities are consulted and that affected communities do receive the valuable New Homes Bonus Money.


Campaing organised by Hagley Residents Action Group and fully supported by Barnt Green Residents Association

BGRA November 2013

Campaign Information

If you have something you want the Association to take on board as a Campaign, contact the Secretary via email.