About Barnt Green Residents Association

The Association has been created to safeguard and promote the interest of residents in Barnt Green and the immediate surrounding area on matters concerning housing, planning and the environment. And to help to improve living conditions, community facilities and services for residents living in Barnt Green and the surrounding area.


Membership is open to all residents, irrespective of tenure, in Barnt Green and immediate surrounding area with a membership fee of £20.00 per annum per household except where the householders are 60 years and over, then it will be £10.00 per household per annum.

All members aged 16 and over are able to vote at Association meetings.

Association Meetings

The Committee will hold up to six meetings a year, the time date and place to be decided at the preceding meeting. Minutes will be posted on the Website. The Committee may meet more frequently if required.

The Committee will organise at least 3 events/gatherings/discussions each year for members and residents of the Barnt Green Area.

In addition, an Annual General Meeting will be held once a year to discuss the activities of the Association, to
receive the audited accounts and to elect the committee.

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